The Devils advocate

Further to the NHF’s ‘voluntary’ right-to-buy proposal, and (at least, in part) the issues I raise in my Et tu, Nat Fed? blog, Kevin Williams has assumed the role of The Devil’s Advocate, offering a different perspective to the (generally) negative publicity the proposal has been receiving (not least from myself!)

I don’t agree with all he says – I’ve left a hefty comment in the…err, comment section (!) where I pick up on a few meatier points – but I appreciate Kevin’s willingness to have open, honest, and mature conversations about the proposal. We might not see eye-to-eye on the issue, but we can at least see eye-to-eye as men.

Or ‘blog-to-blog’ as writers? Something like that. Something that sounds cool but not corny.

So, something someone else would say…

Speaking of something someone else would say, check out Kevin’s ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ post, and let him / me know what you think.

Source: The Devils advocate