1. Great post, Neil, and thanks for the comments about my session, and for teaching me a new word. I had to look up what a demiurge was, and was pleased to find out it was something positive! I’ll take that, thank you.

    For me, one of the key things that comes out of this kind of event is that people connect with like-minded individuals in other organisations, and are given encouragement that they are not alone. Sometimes being a progressive in an organisational framework can feel like both a thankless task and a lonely business.

    Let’s keep networking and building tomorrow.

    1. Thanks for the comment, John.

      Glad you’ve discovered ‘demiurge’ – I first came across it when researching Gnosticism for my Theology degree. I meant it in the ‘powerful creator/artificer’ sense, rather than the ‘subordinate originator of evil’ sense, obviously…!

      You’re absolutely right that the event was encouraging. There’s a LOT of hard work, passion, and talent in UK housing – events like this keep the flame going and provide motivational fuel to spread that passion to others.

      As the Birmingham motto goes – forwards!

      1. Really useful blog Neil, I followed the event, but this gives a flavour of the discussions. On assets, a few years ago I came across a Birmingham HA, who’s strap line was if I remember correctly
        “it’s not so much that they live in our houses as we work in their homes”

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